Screen Printing Class: Part 1

A 3 hour long class that walks you through screen printing shirts.

The class will start with creating and printing a design and end with the final result of a shirt you helped press.

After completely part 1, you will be able to move onto part 2 which will be a more in depth one on one class where you will be making, designing, and pressing your own shirt.

Screen Printing Class: Part 2

*In order to make your own shirt you will need to come to class with a transparent image to use to make your screen.

The class will be a 3 hour long class that walks you through screen printing shirts, based on what you learned in Part 1 You will do every step yourself, while we watch over you and help if needed.

Oil Pastel and Water Color Resists

This class is a 2 hour workshop on oil pastel and water color resists.

Students will draw with oil pastels then paint over the drawing with water colors, this causes a resist to happen, the paint will fill in all the cracks and do something magical!

*There is no Age limit on this, kids and adults can come and have fun and paint with us.

Drawing/Painting workshop

This is an open workshop for artists to come and draw or paint a model for 3 hours.

Please bring your own paper/canvas, easels and drawing or painting tools. All we are supplying is a model and a space.

Please be respectful of our model, she is a volunteer and a supporter of the space.

*Workshops alternate between 18+ and all ages events.

Wire Sculpture workshop

This is a 2-3 hour workshop on wire sculpture

We will go over contour line and how to use wire to recreate a form or image.

We will have wire of different gauges and colors, as well as tools needed. Please feel free to bring some wire if you have some youd like to use or donate