Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods is currently no longer together. The band was formed in the summer of 1999. When the band "broke up" in Dec. 2004 Matt Dumont and Ted Bolduc were the only 2 original members left. In the last 5 years the band has also had members Colin Griffiths, Nick Stevens, Ned Hamilton, Jesse Silva, Eric Pearson, Jarrod Medeiros, Mike Chasse, Alex Dufresne, Cory Camaro, Scott Duran & Lenny Machado. Over the last 5 years, the band has played hundreds of shows all over the United States with no label support, booking agents, or sponsorships. The band did have a full length album released in 2004 on All About Records entitled "Based on A True Story". The album can still be purchased on Interpunk.com and purchased in stores nationally through RevHQ distro as well. in the last 5 years the band has been lucky enough to share the stage with: River City High, Digger, Alkaline Trio, The Stryder, Autopilot Off, Junction 18, Big D & The Kids Table, The Mighy Mighty Bosstones, The Explosion, The Goodwill, A Wilhelm Scream, Moneen, Feeble Weiner, Brand New, The Starting Line, The Reunion Show, Hidden In Plain View & the list goes on and on. As time passes, things change. Unfortunately the current 5 members of the band (Ted, Matt, Alex, Lenny & Cory) were just not seeing eye to eye on sounds, direction, tours, etc. Though the band has now "broken up", we will continue to update on what projects current members are up to. We thank everyone for their support! Whether you bought something, fed us, booked a show, let us crash at your house, gave us a ride, threw us a party, it all means so much to us.

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